The California Citrus Quality Council, commonly referred to as CCQC, was formed in October of 1967 for the purpose of advancement of the California citrus industry in matters relating to the use of citrus additives and pesticides. The original name of the corporation was the Industry Committee on Citrus Additives and Pesticides, Inc. (ICCAP) and was officially changed to the California Citrus Quality Council in February of 1977. CCQC is a nonprofit corporation financially supported by California citrus growers through a grower assessment.

CCQC conducts the citrus industry’s quality assurance program authorized in the California Citrus Improvement Program state marketing order under an operating agreement with the California Citrus Research Board (CRB). The primary objective is to ensure that California citrus meets domestic and international regulatory standards. CCQC works with various state and government agencies, Codex Alimentarius on internationally standardized residue tolerances, the University of California, the California citrus industry and trading partners to help the California industry meet domestic and international phytosanitary, food safety, food additive and pesticide residue regulations.

CCQC’s Board of Directors consists of six members elected annually by twelve persons representing entities engaged in the marketing of citrus products produced by the California citrus industry. Each Board member has a designated alternate. The Board meets on a quarterly basis with interim meetings held as needed. CCQC holds its annual meeting in January.